Running in Winter

Don’t let the low temperature and the darkness outside stand between you and your running routine. Sure, running in winter is not the same as running on a hot summer day while you enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the winter runs too:

  1. Think in layers. It is very difficult to wear the right kit for a long run in winter. Therefore it is best to dress in layers. Too hot? Just take a layer off!

  2. Wear the right fabric. There are so many fabrics available nowadays that it shouldn’t be too difficult to select the right one. Materials such as polypropylene and some wool/synthetic blends keep you as warm and dry as possible. Be careful with wearing cotton in winter because it has very low insulating ability which will leave you wet and cold.

  3. Water or wind proof. When it is really cold, rainy or windy you should make sure your top layer is water and wind proof. Gore-Tex is the best material to wear as it does a great job of releasing moisture from the body while also keeping out moisture from outside.

  4. Cover your hands. Gloves are an absolute necessity once the temperature drops significantly. Cold hands are very unpleasant during a run so it is therefore recommended to wear gloves. Soft shell are ideal for cold-weather adventures. They keep you warm, wear comfortable and also look nice.

  5. Wear the right shoes. To keep warmth in and slush out, run in shoes that have the least amount of mesh. Also important to wear socks that get wetness out but keep your feet warm at the same time.

  6. Play with the wind. When it is really windy it is better to start against the wind and finish your run with the wind in your back. In this way you will be better able to manage your fatigue.

  7. Don’t focus on records. Winter is a great time to work out and get kilometres under your belt. The winter conditions make it however difficult to reach your top level. Don’t drive yourself crazy and just focus on other things than breaking records.

  8. Warm up. The cold outside can be a shock to your body. Especially when you go for a run straight out of bed. It is therefore recommended to complete a proper warm up before you start running. 10 to 15 minutes of stretching your legs by swinging or doing lunges will do the trick. And don’t forget your cooling down when you come back.

  9. Think of alternatives for early morning or late night runs. In case you are working from home or you have a possibility to shower at your office, you should think of running during lunch time. Winter running doesn’t have to be in the cold, dark morning, or the cold, dark night.

  10. Change post-run. With colder temperatures outside, it is very important to change quickly after you run. It is easy to cool off too much and get sick. Once you get home, take a shower, eat and enjoy the rest of your day.