Our very first event!

On Saturday the 10th of October 2020 we organised the very first BEAT Expeditions event. A 120km ride with start and finish in Amsterdam.

In the week leading up to the event it rained pretty much every day which resulted in a lot of questions, even from the fanatic cyclists that signed up for the ride. Luckily, the weather gods were in a good mood on Saturday and gave us a dry and even sunny start. Because of Covid-19 we had to divide the participants into three groups of around 10 participants each. In this way everyone had enough time and space to enjoy the well-deserved lunch at Bistro La Croûte in Warmond half way.

At 9:45, the first and allegedly fastest group started from Amsterdam Zuid (see picture below) followed by the second group at 10:00 and the last group around 10:15.

The BEAT Challenge for the day was the famous Strava segment ' 't Kopje van Bloemendaal'. This segment has an average gradient of 10% and leads through a nice residential area. The quickest riders (male and female) on the segment could win an original BEAT cycling shirt. The picture below shows the determination with which the riders of group 2 (who passed the challenge even before the first group) fought for the crown. Unfortunately without success.

After 80km, the riders arrived at the restaurant for the well-deserved lunch break. Some of the riders went for a quick lunch before heading back to Amsterdam while others took the most out of the break and took the time for a good conversation. A lengthy lunch proved not to be the best decision after all as the weather turned completely during lunch. A lot of rain in the afternoon...

The first group didn't really feel like riding in the rain and sprinted home. Rumor has it that they did so in just over one hour.

Unfortunately, the riders in the third group spent a little more time in the rain and were completely soaked at the finish. A big shout-out to this third group for cycling back without complaining!

After all it was a very successful day for most of us. Thanks to all the participants for making this a successful first event! We will definitely organize more of these events in the future. Stay tuned for the next BEAT cycling events in 2021 !

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