Our favorite Trail Runs/Marathons in Europe

At BEAT we love all outdoor sports, in particular outdoor sports at breathtaking places around the world. Running in nature is probably the easiest way to enjoy an active lifestyle while exploring new places. Therefore, we will highlight in this blog some of our favorite trail runs in Europe.

Polar Night Marathon

Our favorite marathon/trail run in Europe is the Polar Night Marathon in Tromsø. The marathon takes place in the middle of the day, but at this time of year (January) the sun never rises above the horizon. In the absence of the sun there will be darkness, occasionally interfered by the amazing display of the Aurora Borealis (or Northern light). To make it even more interesting, it is on average -5 degrees in Tromsø in snow in January so participants will be running in cold and snowy conditions. The next edition of the marathon will be held on the 8th of January 2022. We are lucky enough to have a limited number of tickets for the Polar Night Marathon 2022. More information on the expedition will be available soon! Our personalized preparation program will make sure that your will be well prepared.

Location: Norway

Date: January

Distances: 10KM, 21KM and 42KM

Cha Cha Cha Run

The Cha Cha Cha run was created by runners for runners, a pure passion project. The organisation of this race invites runners from all communities to get involved and join the metaphorical 'dance', through the heart of the Swiss alps. The race is held in the area around Verbier and participants can choose from the following distances 10km, 21km, 43km and 82km. The second edition of the Cha Cha Run will be organised the second weekend of September, 2021. Starting from 2022, we will organize expeditions to the Cha Cha Run. If you already want to participate in the 2021 edition, please let us know because we can get you in!

Location: Switzerland

Date: September

Distances: 10km, 21km, 43km and 82km

Hengill Ultra Iceland

The Hengill Ultra is the longest trail run in Iceland. The race takes the participants through open ranges and mount rifts in the Hengill area. Parts of the course are on paths well maintained by a local geothermal company, others parts differ in style with narrow and steep paths leading up to the highest point, the mountain Skeggi (810 m).

Hengill Ultra offers the Ultra Trail distances that consist of 5KM, 10KM, 26KM, 53KM, 106KM trails and the longest trail run in Iceland with a distance of 160 KM, the 106KM is actually the 53KM trail run twice and 160KM is the same 53KM trail run three times.

Location: Iceland

Date: September

Distances: 5KM, 10KM, 26KM, 53KM, 106KM, 160KM


Fjällmaraton is a long distance race and is considered one of the hardest and most beautiful marathons in Sweden. Runners have magnificent views of the Jämtland mountains. The course is extremely demanding and offers a varied terrain and technical sections. With a distance of 43km and 2100m altimeters, there is an immense strain placed on the runners, and finish times are well over the norm for a run of a similar distance.

The Fjällmarathon is a running experience that caters to all types of runners, from those who just want to finish the breath-taking course, through to elite athletes in search of an uncompromising challenge.

Location: Sweden

Date: July

Distances: 24KM or 43KM

Tell us more about your favorite races!