Den Store Styrkeprøven - One of cycling’s real classics

Den Store Styrkeprøven - The Great Trial of Strength. One of cycling’s real classics. A cycling race of circa 540km from Trondheim to Olso during the longest day of the year in june. Feared and loved by riders for over half a century. Nothing comes close to completing this race. In 2012 the record time was set at 12 hours and 51 minutes.

Since its first edition, back in 1967, the world has evolved but that special, nervous feeling at the start, and the pure sense of joy of the riders once they reach the finish in Oslo, remains the same! The race has also become more accesible to the public with alternative distances varying between 279 and 63 km.

What it means to be part of this event? Who better to ask that question than Styrkeprøven's race director Director Eirik Thorgersen. 

"It was almost natural that I would end up working for Styrkeprøven. I have always loved long races and already as a 15 year old, I rode from Nordkapp to Lindesnes (north to south of Norway, for a total of 2,630 km). 

Then when I first got the opportunity to work for Styrkeprøven, we all knew that was going to happen. It is such a beautiful race with spectacular nature and the atmosphere at the start in Trondheim. You just got to love it. Although, you have to be there and see it with your own eyes to fully understand. Some know what is going to happen, at least they think they know. And some are at the start line in Trondheim for the very first time. 

Being at the start is emotional. You are suddenly about to participate in maybe the world's eldest, longest annual sportive event. Ahead of you is 540 km before you can rest in Oslo. Along the way, you will meet several participants that all want the same. Enjoy the ride and get to Oslo safely. 

I can advise you to take your time and stop at our feeding stations and you will also meet some of our wonderful people working there. They are working day and night to serve you. And when crossing Dovrefjell, keep your eyes open. Maybe you see a muskox (Arctic hoofed mammal). 

Participating in Styrkeprøven is more than just participating in a race. It is an adventurous bike ride you never forget. Your emotional register will most certainly be tested.  

We hope every participant is able to enjoy the adventure. We are all cheering for you. Our small organization are doing what we can for you to have a great time. For us, it is not a job, it is a way of life".