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March 2024

Haute Route

Expedition Haute Route

BEAT Expeditions is proud to organize the Haute Route Ski Tour, a world-renowned journey that traverses the Alps between Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. Covering approximately 180 kilometers over six to seven days, the tour takes skiers through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Alps, including the iconic peaks of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, and Grand Combin. Participants will need to be in good physical condition and have excellent skiing skills to complete the tour, which includes steep ascents and descents, as well as traverses across exposed terrain.


Along the way, BEAT Expeditions provides accommodation in mountain huts and serves traditional Alpine cuisine, while skiers meet other enthusiasts from around the world. Our experienced guides also provide a unique perspective on the history and culture of the region, as skiers pass through ancient villages and learn about the traditions of the local people. Join us for an unforgettable adventure on the Haute Route Ski Tour.

More Information coming soon...

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