Why will I be invoiced by the booking agent directly?

We offer Expeditions in collaboration with a partnering booking agent. The trip (flight, hotel, local transportation) is provided by the travel agent whereas the remaining services are delivered by BEAT. This collaboration with the booking partner is for insurance  reasons and is a requirement related to your insurance and indemnities. Due to the fact that our partner is a member of the ANVR and the SGR we can organise the trips according to the ANVR terms and conditions and make sure that you are covered by the Stichting Garrantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) . For this SGR coverage to be applicable you need to be invoiced by the booking agent directly. 

What happens if the trip is cancelled for example due to a new wave of Corona?

In case the trip is cancelled due to a calamity (i.e. a Corona outbreak), your trip is covered via the SGR insurance and you will be refunded for the trip. We will make sure your training was not for nothing and we will organise an alternative race. Please note that we cannot refund you for the costs of the preparation program.


What happens if the event is cancelled?


In case the event is cancelled but there is no calamity, we will travel to the destination and organise an alternative race. Unfortunately, we cannot claim the SGR and we therefore cannot provide a refund. However, we will do everything we can to find a suitable alternative.


Do I get a refund in case I get injured?


You can insure the trip against the injury risk. Allianz provides specific travel insurances which include coverage for sports injuries. Your injury needs to be examined by a medical doctor. Let us know in case you are interest to do this and we can get you a 5% discount on the premium. Please use this link for more information.

What can I expect from the accommodation?


We book a well located 3* or 4* hotel for you with a shared room. You are free to select a team mate to share a room with. A single room is available at extra costs. Please let us know if you are interested in a single room so we can get you a quote.  


Is it possible to upgrade my flight?


We book you an economy class ticket but in case there is availability we can arrange an upgrade which will come at additional costs


Flight times


We will inform you timely of your flight times and provide you with the right documentation for your trip.


Is it possible to change flights times (i.e. depart sooner or stay longer)?


We can't promise but our booking agent will look into possibilities to book you a deviating flight. In case additional costs are applicable they will be for you.



We will ask for an initial payment of 10% of the total costs at the moment you sign up for the Expedition. This money will be collected by BEAT Expeditions via a bank transfer. In case there we don't receive enough registrations to go on Expedition before the opening event we will refund this initial payment. At the moment we have sufficient registrations to go on Expedition we will send you a final booking confirmation and you will be invoiced by the booking agent for the trip. Latest 2 weeks before the opening event you will receive a second invoice from BEAT for the remaining amount.


Cancellation Policy

In case you decide to cancel the Expedition before you receive the final booking confirmation you won't be invoiced by for the trip by the booking partner and by BEAT for the remaining amount. However, we cannot refund your initial payment. In case you don't receive a final booking confirmation because we do not have sufficient registrations, we will refund your initial payment (10%) anyway.

In case you decide to cancel the Expedition after the final booking confirmation but more than 42 days (6 weeks) before the start of the trip you will be due 100% of the transportation costs (in case included) and 40% of the rest of the trip. In case you cancel the Expedition less than 42 days (6 weeks) before the start of the trip, costs for the trip will be non-refundable. The remainder will be refunded. The costs for the preparation program are non-refundable after you received the final booking confirmation.

Is substitution (indeplaatsstelling) possible?


In case you find someone else to go on Expedition instead of you, we can facilitate this in case you inform us more than 6 weeks before the trip. It will however depend on the race organisers whether they allow the substitution for the race too. 




We try to provide you with the best service possible, however in case you are unhappy about something please do let us know. If you have a complaint during the trip, please inform the organisers immediately so we can try to resolve the issue. For complaints after the expeditions, please send us an email at info@beat-expeditions.com