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12 - 16 July 2023

Expedition Monte Rosa

Expedition Monte Rosa


Do you share our passion for outdoor activities and are you ready for a new challenge? Expedition Monte Rosa might be the perfect next step for you!


BEAT Expeditions offers the possibility to climb multiple peaks of 4.000 meters an higher, and gives you the opportunity to sleep in the highest mountain cabin of Europe at the height of 4.556 meters! Expedition Monte Rosa is located in the Monte Rosa Massif in the East of the Pennine Alps.


The peaks are relatively easy to climb, but the challenge will be to cover long walking distances while on considerable height. To be able to acclimate to the height, we will cover the peaks within 5 days.


To make sure that you will be ready for this expedition, BEAT will prepare you with a personal training program based on your goals and your current physical condition.

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