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The BEAT Virtual Team Challenge is a wonderful team running event for men and women. Team against team, every second counts. Teams of two can sign up! If you have no running partner it is also possible to sign up and we will pair you!
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Time & Location

14 Feb, 19:00 – 15 Mar, 23:00
BEAT Expeditions Strava Group

About the event

The BEAT Virtual Team Challenge is extremely simple. Every team consists of two persons. So, challenge your valentine or friend and run this team challenge together.  The race consists of two stages:

Qualifying round

every team member runs its fastest 5km before March 1st, 2021. You decide how many times you try, only your fastest 5km counts. Team times are added up and based on these results we divide teams into Clans of 4 to 5 teams each for the runoffs.


based on the results in the qualifying round, teams are grouped in Clans of 4 to 5 teams each that showed comparable results in the qualifying round. Now it is business time, prizes are on the line. Now every team member runs a 7km before March 15, 2021. Times are added up again and the winning team from each Clan brings home the prize!

Simple right? So, challenge your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, enemy, friend, lover, or valentine and sign up before the 14th of February 2021 and win those prizes!

The price for the challenge is €10 per couple and 25% of net proceeds will go to REWILDING EUROPE. So sign up now, be connected and support sustainability!

The Rules

  • Record your best 5k run time. Times are verified by us via Strava (join the group here: If you do not use Strava, send us a screen shot of your tracking app and we will process the result. You can run as often as you like to improve your result, but only your fastest run counts. Please be fair and note: your normal race would not be a pure downhill race either. Make sure that the difference in elevation is balanced.
  • Every runner is important: the team’s total time is what we count.
  • Your team will be divided into a clan of 4 to 5 teams that has around the same total time
  • In the second phase of the competition, from March 1st 2021 onwards, each team member runs their fastest possible 7km (as many attempts as they would like), with the times again being added together for ranking purposes in the group.
  • Live rankings will be shown on our website so that you can keep track of the times your team needs to take the lead. The winning teams will be announced on March 16 2021.
  • Be honest, honorable and enjoy this team challenge!
  • BEAT Virtual Team Challenge

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