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What do we do?

BEAT is specialized in creating an active culture within a group of people. During the BEAT2Business practices we implement Active Culture Programs at your organization. These programs are focused on activating, inspiring and motivating your employees resulting in healthier, happier and thereby more productive employees.

Our goals for you

Our Active Culture Programs are designed to change the culture within your organization. The goal is to create long-term behaviroal improvements where employees do not only change their own habits, but unintendetly motivate each other to be active and healthy. Our campaigns are designed for long-term effects, while we minimalise the time-spent by the organization.


We operate as your dedicated programmmanager regarding sports, activity and productivity. Our programs involve sports, challenges, internal competition and team-building practices. These practices combined lay the foundation for an Active Culture within your organization.


We work together with Olympic athletes, sportcoaches with scientific backgrounds, experienced career coaches, unique locations for corporate events, nutritionists and gyms with nationwide coverage for maximum results. Our own and our partners' expertise will be used to provide the best program for your organization


To ensure the best possible outcome for you organization, we do a free survey to detect the needs of your employees. By exposing the problems and needs within the organization, we can create the perfect program. Also, after a period of 6 months of implementation of the Active Culture Program, a new free research will be done, to monitor the outcomes and ensure the best package for your organization.

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“It was very well organized. The balance in communication was perfect: not too much, not too little. Also, everything looked very appealing. Also, the combination pf sports and doing something with colleagues was awesome.”
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