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FAQ Training Program

What if I can't run on a certain day?

The program is written with suggestions of days and dates. These are suggestions only, but the important thing is actually the spacing of your running. So, a program that has you running on a Wednesday and a Sunday can easily be done without worry on a Tuesday and a Saturday instead, but the key point is that the days should be spaced evenly. It may also be that your weeks change and one week you can train on a Tuesday and a Saturday and the next it is a Monday and a Friday, that is fine too.

Do your best to keep the spacing if your running the same.

Why is there a pace range?

There is a pace range that we have given you for each of your runs, this is devised from your 3km time. The reason we have given you a range is to ensure that we can help you modify things as needed because on some days you may feel better or worse. Whilst our program is personalised it is not completely perfectly made for you, so these paces are less important than the goal of the runs (see goal of runs and RPE scores). This means that if you are trying to work out if your pace is right, it is more important to use how you are feeling than the prescribed pace. Likewise, if you cannot keep pace in one session because you are fatigued or something similar, don’t worry too much, this is very normal.

Why does my program have an interval number range?

Similar to the pace range this allows you to add some volume or take some volume away given how you are feeling on a certain day.

The goal with the intervals generally is to have you run them at a pace that is hard, but you will be able to complete for AT LEAST the minimum number of intervals. That means your pace for all your intervals should be quite consistent rather than dropping off as you get more tired. The first couple of intervals should probably feel quite easy then.

Reasons you may do more intervals are: if you get to the minimum number and feel like things are very easy and you can continue, if you feel like the fastest pace was too slow by the minimum number of intervals or if you just want to do more intervals (and are not struggling to keep pace).

Reasons you should only run the minimum are: if you are very fatigued before the session, if you are quite sore before starting the session, if you are not recovering well between runs, if you feel like you need extra recovery or if you cannot keep your pace consistent.

What if I don’t have a GPS Sport watch?

There are multiple, free phone apps that are good enough to help you track a 3km effort, these will be fine. We don’t have a preference but some to look at are: Strava, MapMyRun, Nike+ Run Club, Runkeeper, Adidas running, Sports Tracker.